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Saying farewell to the baseball game story

TweetOn Tuesday I write about developments in sports media, and occasionally step back in time to a different era in sports journalism. * * * * * * * * For those who read about last night’s game in this morning’s paper, the following sentence from the Associated Press explaining its new baseball game story […]

Catching steroids ‘cheaters’ — by any means necessary

TweetAt the risk of sounding like a condescending scold — in other words, becoming like those I like to scold — I offer up a post from January written on the heels of media excuse-making about Baseball Hall of Fame voting (and in one case, the willful abstinence from casting a ballot). The reason was […]

The art of keeping Mr. January at bay

TweetFascinating read from Jeff Passan about how new MLB free agency rules designed to prevent Scott Boras from dominating the hot stove season have had a major impact well before the month began: The new draft format included fixed bonus pools for teams based on the previous year’s record; the worst teams would get the […]

Flip flops at the Fall Classic

TweetSportswriters don’t like to be told what to do — especially from editors. They especially hate to be told what to wear. So it’s not surprising there would be some pushback from last week’s Major League Baseball announcement that all credentialed journalists would need to follow the guidelines of a dress code, the first created by […]

PEDs and the presumption of innocence

TweetOf all the speculation over National League MVP Ryan Braun’s positive test for a banned substance — and which was disclosed anonymously to ESPN.com — only a handful of writers are raising the most important points. Maury Brown: “If he lucks out and it’s found that due to some circumstance he should not be suspended, then the […]

Got them Tropicana Field Blues

TweetJeff Passan isn’t incorrect that football’s dominance in Florida has badly damaged home attendance for the Tampa Bay Rays. But their hideous home field environment does them no good either, especially since most of their games are played before the gridiron gears up: “The Rays walked into an ambush. The idea of having a Major […]