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If the news from the gridiron has you down

TweetThe Ray Rice story and the continuing angst by many Americans about the National Football League and the game of football is snowballing into a truly disturbing heap, and this probably will not stop anytime soon. It’s too soon to know if these events reflect some kind of tipping point in our reverence for football […]

The selling — and mishandling — of Michael Sam

TweetThe feel-good story of Michael Sam lost some of its sheen last week when Oprah Winfrey announced the production of a “docu-series” on her OWN cable outlet that would chronicle the story of the openly gay St. Louis Rams draftee as he attempts to make a National Football League roster. The carefully planned disclosure by […]

The modest birth of a sporting spectacle

TweetThis NFL Films clip of Super Bowl I gives you an indication how far ahead of their times the likes of Pete Rozelle and Lamar Hunt truly were. The celebrity sightings and entertainment pizzazz were there from the start. We’ve gone from birds flying overhead in 1967 to fighter jets, pop culture halftime shows and […]

Sports history files: Remembering Deacon Jones

TweetThe iconic figure of the Los Angeles Rams’ magnificent Fearsome Foursome may come to symbolize more than a truly roughneck era of the contemporary National Football League. It wasn’t long after the death of Deacon Jones this week at the age of 74 that at least one of his peers wondered aloud if the violent […]

Midweek books: An early history of the NFL

TweetThe University of Nebraska Press is a treasure trove of terrific books about sports and sports history, and a new issue about the early days of pro football by Washington Times sports columnist Dan Daly looks to be a real treat. In the “National Forgotten League: Entertaining Stories and Observations from Pro Football’s First Fifty […]

As the existential probing of the NFL continues

TweetDespite its continued ratings dominance and the public’s obsession over nearly every facet of its operations — refereeing crisis, finally ended! — the National Football League continues to get some serious questioning about the very core of its being. As the furor over Golden Tate’s ill-gotten touchdown ramped up, I came across several magazine pieces […]

The Big Tebowski does it again

TweetYes, it was a short pass that a speedy Demaryius Thomas turned into victory. Yes, the Pittsburgh secondary was curiously out of position, with no one deep to prevent an overtime touchdown. But Tim Tebow got the ball to Thomas at the end of another classic Denver Broncos victory that he triggered with a strong […]

The pure artistry of the perfect catch

TweetFor those who bemoan the militarism and regimentation of American football, this is the perfect illustration of why the beauty of the game is in the details, leading to this magnificent catch on Sunday by Julio Jones of the Falcons. He may need to do more of the same against the Giants in the playoffs. […]