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Sports History Files: The original sins of college football

TweetThe violence, crippling injuries, academic short cuts and other dysfunctional components of the present-day world of college football are hardly new. Nor do they date back only a half-century or so, when the NCAA finally modernized in the early 1950s, cracked down on rule-breakers and reigned in athletic departments that wanted to cut their own […]

The fate of the non-revenue NCAA athlete

TweetOn Monday my post is generally related to a timely sports topic prominently in the news, is focused on the business of sports or covers a sports subject at random. * * * * * * * * I don’t know much about law, economics, business, marketing, public relations, television rights and industrial organization. I […]

The O’Bannon case and the future of the NCAA

TweetOn Monday my post is generally related to a timely sports topic prominently in the news, is focused on the business of sports or covers a sports subject at random. * * * * * * * * It’s been 30 years ago this month that the landscape — and especially the business model — […]

Assessing Pennsylvania’s suit against the NCAA

TweetSports legal analyst Michael McCann has chimed in on the Sports Illustrated website: A state government challenging the NCAA’s power to regulate a matter only loosely connected to sports represents a worrisome alignment of litigants, facts and law for the NCAA. Foremost, the lawsuit emerges from unique circumstances that do not readily fit NCAA precedent […]

No holiday for the NCAA

TweetAs the most valuable college athletes there are toil for free today, word comes from Jeremy Fowler of CBSSports.com that NCAA president Mark Emmert is dusting off his stipend proposal for preview at the organization’s convention later this month, with a new formal offering coming in April: A need-based plan can be seen as glorified […]

An extra helping of Thanksgiving week’s best sports links

TweetWith college football rivalry games on the slate this weekend, The Wall Street Journal‘s Matthew Futterman takes a long look at a signature event that’s threatened by continuing realignment, conference championship games and, starting in 2014, a four-team playoff for the national title. As of this season’s there’s no more Texas-Texas A & M game, […]

The core problem with college athletics reform

TweetIvan Maisel penned a thoughtful, fair-minded piece last week on ESPN.com about the Knight Commission — whose motto he tongue-in-cheek describes as “Tilting at Windmills since 1989” — and the increasingly difficult challenge of advocating college athletics reform in an age when more money is flowing into big schools and major conferences than ever before. […]

And now college athletics ‘reform’ season begins

TweetAlabama had barely hoisted the BCS national championship trophy late Monday night when the long-winded explications of the entire college athletic landscape were being churned out. Actually, those missives have been continuing for a good long while. But in the context of a remarkable and dispiriting college football season — fraught with realignment, record streams […]

Women’s Sports Without Illusions: The First Week

Tweet Thanks to all those on Twitter and elsewhere for their comments this week to the start of my series, “Women’s Sports Without Illusions.” I’m really humbled by it all. Of course, I’m not expecting the precincts of The Sisterhood to report in, at least directly. They prefer to stay wrapped in a cocoon of […]

How women have held back women’s sports

TweetThis is the third in a series entitledĀ “Women’s Sports Without Illusions” that critically examines the nearly four decades of the women’s sports movement, including Title IX, cultural and social developments, the growth of professional and international women’s sports and current challenges and issues. All posts in this seriesĀ can be found here. The standard narrative script […]