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Pat Summitt and the power of personality

TweetThe sport that Pat Summitt helped transform is going through a massive upheaval just as she steps away from the sideline. The designation last month of the Tennessee Lady Vols legend as “head coach emeritus” added to the more than 60 head coach openings in women’s Division I college basketball in one of the busiest […]

How women have held back women’s sports

TweetThis is the third in a series entitled “Women’s Sports Without Illusions” that critically examines the nearly four decades of the women’s sports movement, including Title IX, cultural and social developments, the growth of professional and international women’s sports and current challenges and issues. All posts in this series can be found here. The standard narrative script […]

What I’ve been reading and writing, June 30

Tweet• I’ve been taken to the woodshed by another women’s sports blogger — “Ken” from After Atalanta, which is about “discussions of gender in sports.” I didn’t expect a bouquet of roses for what I wrote last week about Title IX, but such a torrent of rage with the word “patriarchy” tossed around indignantly is […]