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When Net skeptic meets sports-and-gender philistine

TweetEvgeny Morozov Tweeted the other day that: True story: Harvard’s library subscribes to “Journal of the Philosophy of Sport” but not to “Journal of the Philosophy of History” The author of “The Net Delusion” is embarking on a Ph.D. in Harvard’s lauded history of science program, so this must have been an odd discovery. But […]

Ways of seeing women’s athletic bodies, con’t

TweetMy post yesterday about female athletes and posing nude for magazines prompted Laura Taylor, one of my Twitter followers, to dust off a 12-year-old open letter she sent to USA Today columnist Christine Brennan, the now-defunct SI for Women magazine and Gary Miller, then of ESPN (!). The essential point in this sharply written missive […]

Women’s pedaling and peddling a familiar line

TweetOutside magazine takes a long look at the world of women’s cycling, but it’s less about the sport and more a curation of wailing about why it doesn’t get the media attention its supporters believe it deserves. No story along these lines would be complete without the obligatory academic feminist stock quote, in this case […]