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A different kind of sexist male sportswriting

TweetThe reaction to Jeré Longman’s story on American Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones in The New York Times Sunday was as swift and harsh as his piece that slammed her for waging “a sad and cynical marketing campaign” around her sex appeal, in lieu of what he claims are any significant athletic accomplishments: “Women have struggled for […]

Ways of seeing women’s athletic bodies, con’t

TweetMy post yesterday about female athletes and posing nude for magazines prompted Laura Taylor, one of my Twitter followers, to dust off a 12-year-old open letter she sent to USA Today columnist Christine Brennan, the now-defunct SI for Women magazine and Gary Miller, then of ESPN (!). The essential point in this sharply written missive […]

Best of 2011: Issues in women’s sports

TweetThis week I’m bringing back some of my favorite posts from the year, and especially those that generated some good conversation. Issue pieces in sports always seem to do the trick, and these were no different. In June I posted a 10-part series I called “Women’s Sports Without Illusions,” a critical examination of the movement […]

A truly warped way of seeing women athletes

TweetIn my recent series on women’s sports, I introduced readers to the work of a self-identified “sport media scholar” who is anything but. Mary Jo Kane of the University of Minnesota is one of the more relentless and joyless critics of portrayals of female athletes by the media, especially when they’re not wearing much clothes. But […]

Injuries and imagery in women’s sports

Tweet(This is a topic I wanted to examine in my recent series “Women’s Sports Without Illusions,” especially after a perceptive reader brought it up. I pledged to address it in a new phase of my inquiry that continues on this blog and elsewhere. So here’s a little bonus coverage.) * * * * * * * […]

Women’s Sports Without Illusions: The First Week

Tweet Thanks to all those on Twitter and elsewhere for their comments this week to the start of my series, “Women’s Sports Without Illusions.” I’m really humbled by it all. Of course, I’m not expecting the precincts of The Sisterhood to report in, at least directly. They prefer to stay wrapped in a cocoon of […]

Sports and eros, or why sex is more fun than gender

TweetThis is the fifth in a series entitled “Women’s Sports Without Illusions” that critically examines the nearly four decades of the women’s sports movement, including Title IX, cultural and social developments, the growth of professional and international women’s sports and current challenges and issues. All posts in this series can be found here. After she revealed […]