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The rise of literary sportswriting, on two shores

TweetI love this piece from Simon Kuper about the rise of contemporary sporting literature in Britain, written last month as the 25th William Hill Sports Book of the Year winner was to be named.
Kuper’s a former winner of the award. His “Football Against the Enemy,” published in 1994, was essential reading for this American grasping [...]

Midweek books: Change agents, loners and menschen

TweetOn Wednesday I highlight a few noteworthy new sports books, with links to reviews, interviews and other information about the subject and/or author.
• The story of Mississippi State’s 1963 NCAA tournament game against Loyola of Chicago is a very familiar one, and not just to college basketball fans. Kyle Veazey, a sports reporter for the [...]

No end of the year stuff here

TweetNot when the world is about to come to an end.
Not only was the first sentence lame, I lied in the headline.
What I meant to write was that I’m not compiling any must-read or favorite lists. But plenty others in the sports world are.
Bruce Berglund at New Books in Sports has opted for what he [...]

Midweek books: An early history of the NFL

TweetThe University of Nebraska Press is a treasure trove of terrific books about sports and sports history, and a new issue about the early days of pro football by Washington Times sports columnist Dan Daly looks to be a real treat.
In the “National Forgotten League: Entertaining Stories and Observations from Pro Football’s First Fifty Years,” [...]

The Sunday Sports Book Review: Fall baseball

TweetA bodacious band of ballplayers took “Bushville” by storm in the late 1950s, when America was on the move and Milwaukee’s Braves turned a town and a healthy slice of the upper Midwest into an unlikely epicenter for baseball fanaticism.
Before Green Bay became TitleTown, the beer-guzzling, bratwurst-gulping Wisconsiners (including quite a few relatives on my [...]

What sports books should be on this holiday list?

TweetI’m working up an e-mail to send to the North Pole, asking very kindly for three recently released sports books that I’d like to read through the holidays into the new year.
But which ones?
I am torn by my limitations, self-imposed due to budget and time considerations. Usually I wait until books come out in paperback, [...]

Some good weekend sports reads, Aug. 21-22

Tweet• No Career, But Women Get to Butt Heads, Too — The Women’s Rugby World Cup is underway in England with the event primed for the biggest spotlight it has ever enjoyed.
• Can Roger Clemens Learn From Marion Jones’ Mistakes? — Presumptuous both in headline and text. Here’s the more pertinent question: Why do we [...]