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If you read nothing else about the Women’s Final Four

TweetIn what’s becoming an annual pre-Final Four media routine, Bloomberg has published what I regard as the most essential piece about the finances, marketing and outlook for big-time women’s college basketball that’s been written in some time. But unlike some previous treatment of the same issue — such as this very good Big 12-oriented account […]

Are you ready for a lockout?

TweetThe NFL season starts tonight with the usual bouquet of roses arranged and delivered by the usual suspects. Yahoo’s Michael Silver sorts through the issues should the thrill be gone and we’ve got a full-blown labor dispute dominating the headlines in just a few short months.

The honeymoon’s still on for SEC, ESPN

TweetA year into their extremely lucrative relationship, the SEC and ESPN want to kick it up a few more notches. Good reporting here by John Solomon of the Birmingham News.

What I’m reading and writing, June 14

Tweet• A friend of mine and a very talented writer visited South Africa a year ago to write about a soccer team that was getting headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. The story by John Turnbull of The Global Game about an openly lesbian side has resonated during the World Cup. Turnbull, who prefers […]

What I’m reading and writing, May 3

TweetMondays for me are a treat — I know, Mondays. But the first thing I try to get to on Monday morning is reading through the latest edition of Sports Business Journal (subscription). What caught my eye today above all is the big-business realism of new NCAA chief executive Mark Emmert, who towed the organization’s […]