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No reason to fret about women’s hoops coverage

TweetAs soon as I saw this Tweet from USA Today’s Christine Brennan this morning . . . .
@cbrennansports For those unhappy (disgusted?) with how #womensfinal4 is covered by most newspapers, check out#USAToday sports: http://usat.ly/2QcFT
. . . I realized it deserved the following response. I posted this first on Twitlonger and plan to explore this more in [...]

If you read nothing else about the Women’s Final Four

TweetIn what’s becoming an annual pre-Final Four media routine, Bloomberg has published what I regard as the most essential piece about the finances, marketing and outlook for big-time women’s college basketball that’s been written in some time.
But unlike some previous treatment of the same issue — such as this very good Big 12-oriented account by [...]

So predictable you can set your watch to it

TweetWomen’s hoops fans who’d like to tear into Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Morrissey for this year’s derivative “Fans don’t care about women’s basketball” diatribe need to keep a couple things in mind that I’ll explain after this excerpt:
“Women deserve the same opportunities as men in the sports world, but no democracy on the planet can [...]

Prime time showtime in Spokane

TweetThe closest thing to a Cinderella matchup in the NCAA women’s tournament has caught ESPN’s attention to become Saturday night prime time fare on the mother ship.
While I’m typing this, Tennessee and Ohio State are engaged in a doozy to kick off Sweet 16 games, but the Louisville vs. Gonzaga contest in Spokane is full [...]

The wider lens on televised women’s basketball

TweetThose lamenting the supposed invisibility of women’s sports on television should read every word of this story in Sunday’s Indianapolis Star by Jeff Rabjohns about the wealth of women’s basketball games available on the Big Ten Network. The cable outlet has shown nearly 60 games this season, including the just-completed conference tournament, and this has [...]

The next thing you know, we’ll be wanting to vote

TweetCouldn’t resist taking a little dig at Jason Mcintyre’s Tweet about the Unbelievably Unbelievable Development of An Actual Woman Throwing Batting Practice at Spring Training!
Well, these are the Cleveland Indians.
Keep breaking down those barriers ladies, and we may actually see more photos of women on The Big Lead who are not in bikinis!
Ah, nyah. Probably [...]

The women who can’t enjoy the UConn women’s streak

TweetEven before the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team won for the 87th consecutive time last week, some of the most vocal women’s sports advocates there are — affectionately known here as the Sisters of Perpetual Indignance — have felt especially anxious about the reaction to what they believe to be nothing less than (wo)man landing [...]

What espnW is really all about

TweetSports business ace Kristi Dosh talks to espnW vice president Laura Gentile on the Forbes SportsMoney blog in response to some of the rather heated reaction to last week’s site launch, and says we’re missing the point entirely.
It was never meant to cater specifically to women who are already hardcore sports fans, or to those who [...]

Creating an ESPN of their own

TweetThere have been plenty of headlines about this week’s retreat of top women’s sports leaders by ESPN, which has designs on creating a separate espnW brand to appeal to a very different demographic than what tunes into the Family of Networks.
This was an all-invitation shindig near San Diego, so those of us not part of [...]

Did I ask you to go to bat for me?

TweetThat’s the question Ines Sainz is raising as she continues to keep her name in the news while confirming my initial suspicions about all of this: that the flames over her appearance in the New York Jets locker room were also fanned by the Association for Women in Sports Media, which she claims never consulted [...]