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From the archives: The gap between sports and art

TweetWhile I’m taking a summer break from the blog, I’m reposting and updating selected links from the archive. * * * * * * * * Sports art exhibits are not uncommon, but they’re not talked or written about all that much either. Despite some yeoman work trying to bridge this gap, sports historians and […]

When the sports world went-a-changin’

TweetSteve Rushin points to the first three weeks in October 1975, punctuated by the Thrilla in Manila, the death of the reserve clause and an unforgettable World Series.

When being eight is always great

TweetSimon Kuper signs off on his sports column at the Financial Times by taking a stab at answering why so many love the games the way they do: “For many adults, their one escape from worry is being a sports fan. Watching sport, you can become eight years old again. You have returned to the […]