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The modest birth of a sporting spectacle

TweetThis NFL Films clip of Super Bowl I gives you an indication how far ahead of their times the likes of Pete Rozelle and Lamar Hunt truly were. The celebrity sightings and entertainment pizzazz were there from the start. We’ve gone from birds flying overhead in 1967 to fighter jets, pop culture halftime shows and […]

The eternal lure and brutal eloquence of football

Tweet“Football is a celebration of a not innocent and not rational and not liberal human condition. That is its attraction.” — Michael Novak, “The Joy of Sports” * * * * * * * * There is a young man who grew up in an upscale suburb of Atlanta, located not far from me, and […]

Food, football, feminism and a Super Bowl unseen

TweetDuring the height of my most ardent feminist days, I gave up watching the Super Bowl. Voluntarily. This was Super Bowl XIX in 1985, the 49ers vs. the Dolphins. Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino. Hyped as a classic showdown between the two brightest young quarterbacks in the NFL. And I was going to miss it. […]