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The Big Tebowski does it again

TweetYes, it was a short pass that a speedy Demaryius Thomas turned into victory. Yes, the Pittsburgh secondary was curiously out of position, with no one deep to prevent an overtime touchdown. But Tim Tebow got the ball to Thomas at the end of another classic Denver Broncos victory that he triggered with a strong […]

A touch of March Madness in December

TweetHands down, the absolute best sports moment of the weekend: (video h/t to Awful Announcing; the audio is the Indiana radio crew led by Bob Fischer) This is why I’ve always thought that if I ever live abroad, I’d miss college basketball the most. (Then there is the the ugly brawl at the end of […]

What I’m reading and writing, April 23

Tweet• I wrote on Blue Star Basketball today about my friend Mel Greenberg, the creator of the first women’s basketball poll, who has retired from the Philadelphia Inquirer after more than 40 years. He’s not leaving the sport, not by a long shot, I’m happy to say. • I have no strong feelings either for […]