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Who decides what is a sport?

TweetLast week USA Today wrote about the growing popularity of flag football for girls in high schools, especially in Florida, where it is a state championship sport.
Flag football also has been introduced at the varsity level in Washington, D.C., and is growing as a club sport in parts of Texas.
More girls coming out to play [...]

A clarion call for Title IX reform

TweetI don’t imagine Sports Illustrated or espnW will be inclined to get into this at all during their rhapsodic celebrations of Title IX, but there are those who believe the law needs to be re-evaluated after 40 years — and even reformed.
And, contrary to what you may hear, they are not all people who hate [...]

Ways of rating female athletes

TweetBoth espnW and Sports Illustrated have compiled lists of the Top 40 women athletes of the Title IX era, and they’re both revealing in their approaches.
First of all, SI’s list is already done and available on one link, in a very compelling photo gallery. There are some notable omissions. No Dot Richardson, softball gold medalist [...]

Stretching the boundaries of Title IX

TweetAs promised, espnW this week rolled out “The Power of IX,” its special section devoted to the law that revolutionized women’s sports in America and that turns 40 in June.
As expected, the site is attractive visually and has a compelling mix of stories, photos, videos and other multimedia content.
The material is overwhelmingly positive in tone, [...]

When women wouldn’t let girls get in the game

TweetTim Stevens of the Raleigh News & Observer pens a solid history of the absence of a North Carolina girls high school basketball state tournament until 1972, just before the passage of Title IX.
This ban was cemented by actions over time from the male-dominated state high school athletic association, state school board association and finally [...]

As the Title IX celebrations continue . . .

TweetA garden variety Title IX panel discussion at Wellesley College this week received the garden variety write-up from the Boston Globe.
Meanwhile, five high school districts in Wisconsin are being investigated by┬áthe U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights for alleged athletic disparities for females.
Expect much more of the same during this 40th anniversary year of [...]

Best of 2011: Issues in women’s sports

TweetThis week I’m bringing back some of my favorite posts from the year, and especially those that generated some good conversation. Issue pieces in sports always seem to do the trick, and these were no different.
In June I posted a 10-part series I called “Women’s Sports Without Illusions,” a critical examination of the movement and [...]

Best of 2011: Pushing the Title IX hot button

TweetThis week I’m linking to some of my favorite blog posts from this year, and especially ones that drew some vigorous, and even heated, discussion. As you’ll see, most of them pertain to women’s sports but there are some other subjects I’ll revisit here.
The first installment is my post from April 27 entitled “The [...]

See you in September

TweetI’ve been putting this off for a couple of weeks now but can’t wait any longer: I’m taking a bit of a break from most of my online activity, including this blog.
There’s so much I wanted to write about here before I stepped away, including the end of The New York Times’ series on gender [...]

The rise of U.S. women’s soccer not all due to Title IX

TweetIt’s understandable that Title IX advocates are jumping on the U.S. women’s soccer team’s bandwagon as hard as they did 12 years ago. Then as now, American players roused their nation to care, at least for three weeks, about two things which were unlikely to gain mass attention, especially together: soccer and women’s sports.
Here we [...]