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What they wrote about USA-Canada

TweetSince I can’t come up with anything terribly profound to say after Monday’s women’s Olympic soccer epic between the U.S. and Canada, I’ll link here this morning to those who were there and had the daunting duty of putting together words to describe it. After last year’s comeback victory by the Americans over Brazil in […]

Hope Solo and the selling of women’s sports

TweetHope Solo is once again in the news for some of the wrong reasons — being warned for a positive test for a substance she takes for pre-menstrual purposes and discussing athletes’ debauchery at the 2008 Olympics. The U.S. women’s national soccer team goalkeeper is either a breath of fresh air or hot air, depending on […]

Best of 2011: The sports moment of the year

TweetThis is no attempt at objectivity. I know that others will point to the ugliness — in particular the Penn State tragedy — as the biggest sports story of 2011, at least in the United States. In Canada, it well may be the deaths of professional hockey players and a long concussion-related layoff to Sidney […]

Best of 2011: Not just for little girls any more

TweetThis week I’m reposting some of my entries from this year that not only are my favorites but that I thought really resonated as well. The U.S. women’ s soccer team captivated the nation for a few days last summer with its run to the Women’s World Cup finals. But unlike the 1999 team, this […]

Rebuilding women’s professional soccer to last

TweetThe heartfelt, grassroots effort to save the financially embattled Women’s Professional Soccer league from extinction was well underway last week when one of the architects of that league poured a heavy dose of cold reality onto what has been an emotional situation. The U.S. Soccer Federation is set to hear today the request of WPS […]

Free at last: letting women’s sports grow up

TweetJust as the Japanese team began celebrating its victory in the Women’s World Cup on Sunday, soothing Tweets sprang forth to summarize the impact of the gallant U.S. runners-up. One declared that “little girls everywhere win today,” while another proudly proclaimed the Americans “role models for all.” Except that these two individuals — it should be […]

The rise of U.S. women’s soccer not all due to Title IX

TweetIt’s understandable that Title IX advocates are jumping on the U.S. women’s soccer team’s bandwagon as hard as they did 12 years ago. Then as now, American players roused their nation to care, at least for three weeks, about two things which were unlikely to gain mass attention, especially together: soccer and women’s sports. Here […]

Ain’t misbehavin’: Women athletes as entertainers

TweetA question often raised about women’s athletics — and it’s usually posed as a rhetorical one — resurfaced recently following a suggestion from a WNBA coach that her players might just be too “nice” when the reality of competitive sports gets a little nasty: “Could women’s sports use some bad girls?” The attempt at an […]

Why FIFA should let the Iranian women play

TweetYou don’t have to get all worked up like David Zirin does (and this he does about most anything related to culture and sports) to see how FIFA is missing a magnificent opportunity to be a global agent for positive change. For a change. The international soccer governing body’s tumultuous summer took another regrettable turn […]

The growth of European women’s soccer and the global game

TweetUEFA, the European soccer governing body, has commissioned a British academic to study the development of the women’s pro game there that dates back to 1971, the year before Title IX was passed. A report will be released next year to coincide with the Women’s World Cup in Germany. A full-fledged English women’s “SuperLeague” is slated […]