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New January sports books: Wooden, Beckham and athletes’ minds

TweetA good variety of newly published sports books will be out this month, and here’s a quick look at some of the leading titles.
• John Wooden: A Coach’s Life, by Seth Davis — Davis, of Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports, went in-depth with a 608-page full-scale biography of the late UCLA basketball legend that’s broken [...]

Champagne on hold amid growing Brazilian protests

TweetTo illustrate how tone-deaf FIFA has truly become in the wake of general mass protests in Brazil, consider this:
The unveiling of a special label by Taittinger, the official bubbly provider of next summer’s World Cup, and of the just-completed Confederations Cup, took place as scheduled late last week.
While The Guardian noted that “it is not [...]

The light shines on Spain; scorn for Dutch ‘anti-football’

Tweet• The stirring 116th minute goal by Andrés Iniesta that produced Spain’s first World Cup championship also produced one of the more poignant storylines of the tournament. Iniesta then pulled off his jersey to reveal a message, as many goal-scorers do. This one said: “Dani Jarque, siempre con nosotros.”
It was a salute to Iniesta’s friend, [...]

Toss out the books on Spain, Holland in World Cup final

Tweet• In anticipation of Sunday’s World Cup final match between Spain and Holland, I’m quickly re-reading two books I first picked up some years ago that perfectly explain the way each nation has played the game. In trying to win the World Cup for the first time, both are having to overcome some of their [...]

Under LeBron’s Big Top; grilled World Cup octopus, anyone?

Tweet• Temperatures are rising along with the collective blood pressure of many in the sports-and-media world over the LeBron James farce on ESPN. The best read I came across is from Jake Simpson of the Atlantic Culture Channel in a post titled “LeBron James and the Rise of Sports Reality TV.” Slam dunk bucket here:
“Skeptics [...]

What I’m reading and writing, June 28

Tweet• If I can’t be in Brazil for the next World Cup in 2014, then I’ll cut a shuck for Vanuatu or any other place on the planet except the United States. Nothing against my country, but rather the America media that every four years insists on deconstructing their fellow citizens who like the sport. [...]

What I’m reading and writing, June 25

Tweet• The Sports Illustrated World Cup preview edition included a well-crafted profile of Landon Donovan and his odyssey of carrying the burden for the U.S. soccer team. While it was a bit rich to include the genius references to Mozart, Picasso, etc., Joe Posnanski cut to the heart of Donovan’s dilemma, which is rooted in [...]

What I’m reading and writing, June 24

Tweet• Not surprisingly, my post yesterday at Blue Star Basketball about Title IX drew some heated response from the predictable quarters, although one critic did bother to respond directly in the comments section. So I thank him for that.
• And with World Cup euphoria reaching a fever pitch here in America (believe that!), I’ve come to love [...]

What I’m reading and writing, June 23

Tweet• My latest piece at Blue Star Basketball is entitled “Why It’s Time To Get Beyond Title IX,” but I haven’t had a chance to respond to readers, etc. as I was at an all-day website workshop. Not trying to blog and run, but I couldn’t avoid the schedule conflict.
• And I missed today’s World [...]

What I’m reading and writing, June 22

Tweet• After finishing the main draft of my post on the 38th anniversary of Title IX, I traipsed around my Twitterverse and discovered some disbelief that there’s actually a federal lawsuit underway that may decide whether cheerleading is a sport.
• Their combatants at the College Sports Council have exploited publicity about the World Cup to point [...]