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Midweek books: The essential Ring Lardner collection

TweetLast week the Library of America released its long-awaited “Ring Lardner: Stories & Other Writings,” and I’m hopeful this may spur a revival about a writer who’s been dead for 80 years. This volume — edited by Ian Frazier, writer, humorist and contributor to The New Yorker — comes in at a whopping 974 pages, […]

The far-too-distant past of the national pastime

TweetI was really enjoying reading this recent post on A.V. Club about the “geekery” of baseball and literature, which — ahem — had been touching all the right bases in mentioning “The Natural,” “The Great American Novel” and “The Art of Fielding,” among others, as must reads. Then Kevin McFarland stumbled badly and missed home […]